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[FANCAFE] Chat Time – SAMUEL (from 130629)

[TRANS] Samuel: Hello! Samuel: I have to go to the shop early in the morning. I’m sad Pledis: Everyone Pledis: If you don’t follow the rules you will be kicked … Continue reading

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130731 Weibo Update – JUNHUI’s Mother: “They need all of your supports to do well”

[TRANS] There is a small show of seventeen (Refer to LIKE SEVENTEEN) on 17th of Aug, They need all of your supports to do well. Source: 平凡的俊辉钧 @weibo Engtrans: Admin … Continue reading

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130723 Seventeen Twitter Update: “Keep the promise”

[Doogi PD] Jjan~! Keeping the promise!!! It’s Seokmin’s selca~! source: pledis_17 | engtrans: DormTrans

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130723 Seventeen Twitter Update: “how to stay fresh on rainy days”

How to stay fresh on rainy days! (Guess who that boy is in the back..Hint: He is afraid of birds) See you at 8:00 pm!   source: pledis_17

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130722 [17’s Diary: Soonyoung] ”Birds are so pretty….”

After our vocal lesson, Wonwoo and I were going to the practice room when some pigeons blocked our way. They scared us those punks!…. They didn’t even care…. As a … Continue reading

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130722 [17’s SAMUEL] Twitter Update: “It’s me!”

[17’s SAMUEL] It’s me! source: 세븐틴(SEVENTEEN)

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[4P] Seventeen for EVISU (Sponsor)

Credit: luv4m@weibo Via: PLEDIS SEVENTEEN Reupload and Reshared by TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS luv4m@weibo

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[17’s Profile] Samuel

♡ BIODATA ♡ Real Name: Samuel (사무엘) Nickname: Mr. Teeny’s Dad Birthdate: January 17, 2002 Hometown: Los Angeles, California Blood Type: A Height: 140cm Weight: 35kg Zodiac Sign: Capricorn ♡ FACTS ♡ His … Continue reading

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  • [!!] Today LAST SEVENTEEN TV EP1 will be broadcasted live on at 8pm (KST) dont forget to watch!ㅋㅋ 3 years ago
  • we will updated the site after "LAST SEVENTEEN TV EP-1" since we lost too much updated especially MingMing IGㅋㅋㅋ 3 years ago
  • RT @pledis_17: [17's 원우] 부끄러워서 얼굴은 가리고. . . . 선배님들 짱짱 ^o^ 근데 매일 다같이 있다 혼자라 외롭다 ToT 셉틴멤버들아 한번 안와? 3 years ago
  • RT @pledis_17: [ 17's 원우] 평소 너무 팬이던 산이 선배님과 레이나 누나의 무대에 너무나 감사하게도 함께하게 되었답니다. 두근두근~~ 앞으로도 '한여름밤의 꿀' 많이 응원해주세요!!! 3 years ago
  • 131229 [17's Diary: Doyoon] "In 2014...?" 4 years ago

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