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131229 [17’s Diary: Doyoon] “In 2014…?”

After Gayo daejun stage we came to practise again… I want to stand on the stage as ‘Seventeen’ as soon as possible. Just stand in front of people and perform … Continue reading

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131225 [17’s Diary: Seokmin] “Men’s secret christmas!”

Yesterday was christmas!!! As expected we didn’t have anything to do on christmas day, so we were in the dorm!… is it… good? So this year instead of our family … Continue reading

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131020 [17’s Diary: Hoon Seok Soon] “Fuerza Burta and Fashion king……?”

Jihoon– Everyone went hand in hand to watch Fuerza Burta’s performance!!! I was the best performance I’ve ever seen. I was into his performance that I went up on the … Continue reading

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131011 [17’s Diary: Junhui] “Let’s do good tomorrow too!”

Today we are filming seventeen tv~ It was long. We finished at 10:30pm and later went to Han River and practiced. It’s 1:00am right now and I want to sleep … Continue reading

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131006 [17’s Diary: Seung&Min] “A Sunday afternoon together”

Seunggwan – This Sunday we arrived to the practise room at 7. So we went to a meat buffet with the members, but they hyungs: Seunghceol, Jihoon and Doyoon only … Continue reading

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130924 [17’s Diary: Jihoon] “Went to the shop”

Today, the hair I grew long for seventeenTV season 4 has been trimmed heh It felt so good and relieving ㅎㅅㅎ The owner of the shop was told to cut … Continue reading

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130922 SEVENTEEN’s Twitter Update: “Makline picture revealed as promised!”

[TRANS] #1 @pledis_17 [Doogi PD] Did everyone have lovely rice cakes? In order to keep our promise, we’re looking for Junghan and faceshoot picture…hoohoot~ Just wait a little bit~!! Coming … Continue reading

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130915 Weibo Update – JUNHUI [3P]

source: @文俊辉 via 2MJHThailand reshared by SEVENTEENITY.WORDPRESS.COM

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130914 [17’s Diary: Jin Do Sol] “The day we performed at Lotte”

[Dongjin] Finally today!! We performed at Lotte World’s stage. The stage was bigger  and wider than I thought. So it wasn’t right. My hyungs told me dont think of the … Continue reading

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130914 Weibo Update – JUNHUI: “Let’s meet on the 15 in Chang Sha”

[Trans] The movie that was filmed previously is going to be in theaters. The 17th~ it’s up on the 17th. Let’s meet on the 15 in Chang Sha[cute][cute] credit SEVENTEENSG reshared … Continue reading

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  • 131229 [17's Diary: Doyoon] "In 2014...?" 4 years ago

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